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The Mazda Bongo has been around since the mid 1990’s. Originally created for the Japanese domestic market the Bongo was available in various specifications, initially with a choice of petrol or diesel engines, with or without an elevating roof or Auto Free Top as they are known in Japan.

Here at Riviera Motors we are great fans of the Bongo. We have been importing them into the UK from Japan since 2002. During the early 2000’s the Bongo started to appear on UK roads in significant numbers thanks to their wonderful versatility and modern looks.  Mazda ceased production in 2005 so the newest Bongo you can buy is now a late registered 2005 model.

Over the last decade Bongo’s have come to the UK in significant numbers, however it would be a mistake to think each vehicle is the same as the next. Far from it.

Just like any second hand vehicle, condition and authenticity is everything, especially when you are considering investing you own money into one of these fabulous vehicles.

2005 Mazda Bongo

2005 Mazda Bongo with Elevating Roof


So what are the differences and why should you buy a Bongo from us.

In Japan all vehicles are graded in terms of quality and condition at the point of entry into the dealer network. These grading sheets are vitally important for anyone to accurately asses a vehicles true condition.  The grading charts range from a vehicle that has been involved in an accident right through to a vehicle that has a condition commensurate with being brand new.

Put simply, at Riviera Motors we only purchase top quality highly graded vehicles. We make the final purchase decision on each and every vehicle we acquire directly from the trade in Japan.  We are a professional organisation and have an established foothold within the Japanese domestic car market. This gives us the ability to genuinely hand select our stock so that our quality remains the highest you will find from any dealer throughout the UK.

We are so confident of the quality of our Bongos that we remain perfectly happy to disclose the grading specification sheets for each and every Bongo we supply. Very few dealers will be willing or able to offer this high degree of transparency. Our Bongos are tip top and we stand by the quality of what we supply.

So why is the Bongo so popular?

Here in the UK we love our campervans and the experience of being free to roam the countryside offers a unique experience. The ability to come home from work on a Friday evening, throw a bag into the back of the campervan and have the ability to head out for a short weekend break, away from the fast pace of life and “Get off Grid” has become a very desirable pastime for us Brits.

This is where the Mazda Bongo lends itself perfectly to the lifestyle. Its versatility as a weekday commuter and people carrier versus weekend campervan has really captured the attention of the nation. Furthermore, the Bongo offers modern reliability within a vehicle that lends itself well to professional conversion into a fully-fledged campervan.

Here at Riviera Motors we offer the Bongo with a choice of two camper conversion options. Our conversions are undertaken by our professional installers. Craftsman who have been undertaking this type of work for years.

Option 1:

Rear Conversion Layout with elevating roof


Classic Rear Layout


Professionally Installed Elevating Roof

Handmade and permanently installed fittings. With this arrangement the galley, sink and 12v cool box are located at the rear of the vehicle with storage within the rear unit, allowing for the boot to be raised providing alfresco cooking and dining if required.

This arrangement has two seats with storage underneath and a removable table mounted in front of the galley pod. This layout also retains the original central seating arrangement with factory fitted seat belts. Simple, functional and versatile.  Five travelling seats with seat belts. low power LED lighting throughout. 2+2 sleeping capability and a mains hook up terminal is all included.

Our most popular choice with customers.

Option 2 :

Side layout with elevating roof


Side Layout with integrated fridge


Professionally Installed Elevating Roof

Again handmade and bespoke carpentry. The Side Layout incorporates a purpose built galley pod located behind the driver’s seat. The galley pod offers a two burner hob with integrated sink, modern low power 12v integral fridge with freezer compartment and a spacious storage locker.

Mains hook up is included with twin power points. There is also a further 12v cigarette style charging point for powering essentials like mobile phones. Modern LED lighting throughout with 12volt power supplied by a dedicated leisure battery.

Layout consists of a rear facing bench seating arrangement with storage and gas bottle stowage underneath, located behind the driver and passenger seats. At the rear is the original factory fitted bench seat and original seatbelts creating a versatile accommodation that allows for five passengers in belted seats whilst travelling.

Sleeping accommodation consists of a 2+2 layout standard with this type of vehicle. A double bed created by lowering the front and rear seats which slide on metal runners for ease. A further double sleeping area is created in the roof space when the elevating roof is raised.

This model also has a dedicated fixed floor with aluminium edge trims. An excellent choice for couples who want to maximise space inside the Bongo whilst still retaining the ability to take passengers when required.


In essence, if you are looking for a compact camping experience with versatility, the Bongo when fitted with a bespoke quality camper installation provides a tough to beat proposition and offers excellent value for money.

Come and browse through our stock and chose the right option for your needs.