Toyota Alphard. The VW Transporter Campervan alternative.

//Toyota Alphard. The VW Transporter Campervan alternative.

Toyota Alphard. The VW Transporter Campervan alternative.

Looking for a premium campervan experience but don’t want to blow the budget?


An Introduction to the Toyota Alphard

The Toyota Alphard when coupled with a quality campervan conversion offers one of the best value campervans in the marketplace. The Alphard is produced by Toyota and was originally conceived as a premium choice option for the luxury MPV market, first entering service in 2002.

Due to its size, at just 4.8 meters in length and 1.8 meters wide the Alphard is perfectly proportioned as an excellent combination of both practicality and accommodation for comfortable camping. The Alphard can be easily parked into a standard parking space yet its roomy accommodation for its compact size caters for up to four people.

Being a Toyota, the Alphard delivers an assured sense of build quality together with legendry reliability standards which many rival vehicle manufacturers can only aspire too.

Furthermore, the thoroughly modern design and styling of the Alphard lends itself superbly toward conversion for the campervan market. When professionally converted, an Alphard campervan conversion offers a premium choice with a specification that far exceeds the standard of virtually all other campervans in the marketplace today, but without the price tag of comparative vehicles such as the Volkswagen Transporter.

The Alphard is available in both 2400cc petrol engines and the sublime 3 litre V6 unit giving a superb driving experience. All Alphard’s being a premium luxury vehicle come with easy to drive Automatic transmissions. Driver aids are numerous and include, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, parking sensors and power steering. Many examples also have options such as electric self-closing rear doors and rear colour reversing cameras.

Toyota Alphard. The VW Transporter Campervan alternative.

Not all Alphard conversions are the same

Not all vehicle converters offer the same standard of conversion or specification.  As with any custom conversion, attention to detail and the use of a thoughtful layout combined with quality materials all add up to make the difference between what might be an average conversion and a premium installation which will stand up to the rigours of use over time.  Any campervan represents an investment in both your money and your time. A quality campervan conversion will deliver years of adventures and when the time comes to move on, will also retain more of its value.  So, it’s prudent to make a wise choice when considering your options.

Our Alphard’s enjoy full conversion by experienced professionals. So, if you choose to give us your business, you can be sure you are buying a quality product.

At Riviera Motors we offer both the Alphard and the VW Transporter with our own custom campervan conversions together with the legendry Mazda Bongo. Arguably the original Japanese campervan choice. The Bongo has become a runaway success story since we started importing from Japan in 2002.

Toyota Alphard. The VW Transporter Campervan alternative.

About our Alphard conversions:

We buy only the best quality vehicles direct in Japan and then ship them across the world’s oceans to the UK for conversion into a quality campervan. All our conversions are handcrafted by professionals who have been in the business for many years.  Not all campervan conversions are the same, so come and see what we offer and then compare us to the competition.

Our Japanese vehicles are genuine quality examples. Because we buy directly through the trade network in Japan we are always able to disclose the all-important grading sheets to demonstrate authenticity and quality. Not many other dealers are either willing or able to offer this level of transparency.  Furthermore, we remain pleased to accept AA or RAC style inspections on any vehicles we supply to give that extra level of reassurance when required.

Currently, we have a good choice of Alphards which are enroute from Japan due to arrive shortly. Upon arrival these examples will be available for inspection. Each vehicle will then undergo its conversion. Before conversion, you can choose from several interior colour schemes to suit your individual requirements.  If you are considering an Alphard, Mazda Bongo or Volkswagen transporter campervan purchase, please call for further information. We can discuss what is right for you.

Any of our Alphard’s can be secured today by a small deposit. 

We can also offer part exchange against any of our vehicles.Toyota Alphard. The VW Transporter Campervan alternative. Toyota Alphard. The VW Transporter Campervan alternative.

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